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As a communicologist I have the opportunity to analyze situations faster than I managed to do before. My expertise is a filter that helps me find the right key to use in people work on communication and change. And the keys lead to success regardless of the role and place in life. It has increased my curiosity and knowledge about the brain and how the mental and physical work together as a system.

Change and development can be simple
and obvious!

Family Member

My family is incredibly important to me  for love and support when I need it. All children in the family are my children no matter if I have given birth to them or not. Traditions become less important and, above all, they are a reason to socialize and further get to know each other - regardless of age and family ties. I believe it's wonderful when the kids become adults and the family expands with their girlfriends and boyfriends .

Everything connects!

Leadership Trainer

Helping leaders at various levels to increase their performance in a healthy manner feels like a real privilege . My passion lies mainly in supporting leaders to find their reasons why they do what they do and where they are headed. When that is clear, they become credible and others want to follow. I think leaders need to find their own personal leadership style and learn the adaptation that is possible and necessary.

Successful leaders are self-aware, set clear frameworks and ask wise questions.


"Alone together" is my motto. Besides my own company ALLEZ! I interact in Framgångare! together with Carina Vinberg and in Pharus with Mikael Strömquist. In addition, I have acted as sub-consultant to Progression and Skifta, with whom I share office space along with a few other companies. I still meet regularly with the group I attended a UGL training with in 2003. Our meetings bring lots of energy and knowledge! I am also a member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce .

Certified Coach ICF

In 2008 I chose to become a certified coach. The International Coach Federation (ICF ) is one of the independent organizations that certifies coaches and accredits training programs. Click the icon to learn more about ICF.

"The happiest people don’t have the best of everyting, they just make the best of everything."

Top League Athlete

In the world of sports, I get further evidence that the same keys to success apply in various respects. Being a team bowler in BK Eva Stockholm challenges me constantly. And just think - I get better the more I practice, and the more challenge I face. Just like in the workplace! Here is the team's game schedule and standings in the top league. Come and cheer !

Team Developer

Most people are aware of that differences complement and enrich a team. At least in theory. In practice, it is usually more complex. When our beleifs are to far apart and there are power struggles and conflicts, results can be severely effected. With the help of our development processes, if necessary using tools like behavioral style inventory or personal values map, understanding each other gets easier, the efficiency of the group increases and we are more likely to obtain the synergies we strive for.

”Nobody’s perfect, but a team can be.”


Old and new friends have a huge spot in my heart. I love to socialize with people who have known me since school years, they know my story and my family. I also like to get together with new acquaintances that I gladly mix with my old friends. It's great fun when people from different parts of life "click".



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