Carina Vinberg - my parts in the picture

Communicologist Leader in change

As a communicologist I have learned to analyse what leads to success vs. Failure.

This helps me make the right decicions, achieve more and still be in balance.

An increased knowledge about the functions of the Brain, and understanding how human beings think, act and function, are key factors that leads to Sustainable changes 

Go alone and you go fast, go along and you
will get far!


I work in Framgångare! together with Agneta Lundgren. I have for several years worked at Trygghetsrådet in different projects. I am also a member of COIN; Circle of Interest Network and Nätverqet, a business network for female entrepreneurs in Danderyd.

ICF Coach & Values on Line Facilitator

I am an ICF- diplomed coach, educated at Coachutbildning Sverige AB. 

As a Values On Line Facilitator, I help indivuals to boost motivation by matching the values of the organisation with the values of the individual

I am educated Sportstherapist at Deutsche Sporthochschule i Köln.

If you think you can or can't
- you are probably right.

Travels to Mallorca


Proud and happy mother of 3 fantastic children. I am married and have a wonderful runningmate in the family's always happy dog. We train every day non-verbal communication keys.



Lotten Rapp, one of the worlds best Freeskier. This season is one of the most important for her as she will go "all In" to win the Freeride World Tour.

As her mental coach I work a lot with Happiness, Focus and Confidence, the three states of mind she needs to be able to perform world class.

Watch Lotten at the filmclip above, and listen to us in Swedish in the podcast at: Huskypodcast.

You can book us to give speeches on subects of performing and motivation.


With my family I discover new, small and big spots around the world.

My secret passion is my morning dip every morning the whole  all year around

If you want something,
you better go for it


When you as a leader are more focused, nonstressed and in balance, you increase your engagement, creativity and outcome. Everything is possible and you are in the zone of flow. As a decisionmaker your decisions will either lead to sucess or conflict.
When leaders and indiviuals can analyze what leads to sucess, it means sucess for me too.

Clear - Confident - Credible

Former athlete

“Outside rather than inside” is one of my mottos.

As a former eventing rider, I enjoy speed and adventure.

My newcomer sports are cycling and climbing. I collect 4000 meter peaks in Switzerland. There are 48 in all, I have 40 more to go.

Every peak is a marathon, the best marathon I ran was in New York. My everyday yoga keeps me balanced, focused and gives me time for reflection.

The whole is greater than
the sum of its parts


From hobby to project. My first book "taste" is a collage of me and my cousins summers in Torekov. It inspires to simple, healthy and good food.


E-mail: Carina Vinberg
+46 70-862 92 21

+46 70-657 18 21