Personal Values drive Commitment!

Boosting Motivation!
Value Processes for Individuals and Groups

Explore and discover your personal values ​​using the mapping tool Our feedback process, by storytelling unveals your true life stories which gives you a clear and better understanding of what is really important to you and why, what motivates you and what gets you energized. You also may find  what you heartedly strive for. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is shown to be more and more necessary in order to lead others in today's and tomorrow's organizations. We want to follow leaders who are confident, clear and credible.

In our group processes, we share each other's stories, which both require and lead to greater trust and openness. Especially when we have to solve complex tasks together, this is a prerequisite. The commitment that emerges from the team members during the process, is quickly transformed into a higher and more sustainable profitability.

"I have learned that a good leader takes the time to break the ice and know his or her team on a personal level, but a great leader goes one step further and learns about each person's values, how they build trust, and what is core to their motivation and drive. They then share the team's values, as well as their own, and align the team around a strong focal point for working together toward a shared goal (or goals)."

Hilary Hall, General Electric from "The Leadership Challenge" by Kouzes and Posner.


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