This is what our Clients say about us:

Johan Bygge, Chief Operating Officer, EQT:

"In a rapidly growing organization, it is worth a lot to meet and get together and agree on how to work, what values the organization stands for and how to achieve good results.

Carina and Agneta helped us create an enthusiastic and fruitful athmosphere, even though we were a lot of people, where we really could discuss very openmindedly, challenge each other and have fun at the same time.

This certainly increased the value of our conference and it also gave the participants a taste of different things they need to keep in mind and work with. Very strong delivery! Thank you!"

Carina Vinberg

Johanna Tiensuu Stålnacke, Adventurer and Climber

"Carina understands both mountain and mind.  Having climbed the Matterhorn, she knows about the powerful and crucial interaction between mind and performance when the terrain makes no compromises. That is important to me. When I climb or ski in steep mountain terrain, a strong mindset becomes one of my most valuable keys to safety and enjoyment.

With the help of Carina I've learnt to use the mind to truly boost my capacity when the pressure is high and in demanding situations, such as the tough entry tests to the UIAGM mountain guide education. With her wide knowledge and skills to understand and the individual, I’ve experienced uniqueness in our work together and have been able to conform to techniques and use them as my very own.

 I feel fortunate to work with such a competent coach like Carina. She has a wonderful charisma and she is skilled, clear and cool!"
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Ulla Bladh, Senior Partner, Tema:

"As a coach, Carina is absolutely fantastic. She has an huge amount of energy, is positive, has long-life experience, can read people quickly, gets you on the right track and gives excellent feedback. I have very much looked forward to every meeting with Carina. Work with her has enabled me in as short a time as six months, to achieve my goals which previously felt unreachable."

Peter Enberger,  Advisor, TRR Trygghetsrådet:

"Carina is a professional inspirer and source of energy. With her expertise, she has helped job seeking officials with motivation, inspiration, and knowledge. Valuable for those whose everyday lives are filled with adversity.

With her attentiveness and curiosity she has made our cooperation become 1+1=3. It has also been very rewarding for me to have the opportunity to work together with Carina in our training programs. At Trygghetsrådet."

Henrietta Störtebecker, Project Manager, Tema:

Driven, rewarding, backing, tips and guidance – much better than I expected. I liked the coaching being so wide, there was always space for learning during the sessions thanks to good coaching.

Carina, you are always on top and brightens up. You make me think and you give me inspiration to continue working on myself and with the mental training. 

Susanna Billgren, Testing & Quality Consultant, Knowit:

"When I first met Carina I had taken on a job, my life´s biggest and most fun challenges – to become responsible for two teams and a common delivery withuot really having the tools for it, only a strong desire to make it.

With the help of Carina, I learned to give myself the conditions to be able to work and live with energy, joy, creativity and structure.

I have worked with my intentions, the state of mind I need to have in order to achieve, and discovered the advantages of slow movements. I learned to put my needs on the map, set aside time for my projects, structure my work with frames that suits me. Each session with Carina has filled me and pushed me enough to be able to go further and solve work-related and everyday problems myself. It has been a wonderful journey for me personally and proffesionally. Thank you Carina!"

Lotten Rapp, World Class Free-Skier:

"I am fascinated by the effects, in daily life and in the vital moments when I am to perform at my very best, that I get from working with Carina. I am very aware of that it is a very big privilege to take part of her knowledge and expertise. I wish that all people around the world did have a Carina of their own."

Agneta Lundgren

Linda Holmgren, Tillsammans:

"Thank you, Agneta Lundgren, for having rescued me from falling as hard if the rapists show up again, plus made me more confident on stage.

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Staffan Forssberg, Training Manager at Skanska
Sverige AB:

"Agneta is a very professional trainer in leadership and coaching. Always well prepared and have a way with people that is always very appreciated. She is sensitive to different peoples different needs and is very good at listen to what they mean. Her flexibility makes it very easy and fun to work with Agneta."

Municipal Politician:

"I experienced coaching very positive! It's been good and stimulating to get this type of coaching. I feel more confident in my role, I have learned to identify certain behaviors that I'm not satisfied with, and how I can change them. Today I have many great tools that help me manage different situations I face as a leader. I've identified my core values and learned more about the coaching leadership style."

Joakim Fond, CEO, HYDAC:

"A management team must constantly evolve. Agneta's program for management development "Clear Confident and Credible" has been a valuable boost for my management team. Agneta implements the program with great presence and her down to earth style is reflected in the way the participants, who dare to be part of a deeper and more personal dialogue during the course of the program. There was plenty of time for reflection between sessions, which is important, as a management team usually has a very booked calendar.
Personally, I have gained a better understanding of myself as a leader. The program inolved many interesting conversations on values ​​and behavior, which is important to reflect about to strengthen oneself as a manager and leader, I believe. The program also included a coaching module in which individual action plans were discussed with Agneta. She is good at referring back to the whole coaching processes and summarize during the last session.
I can heartily recommend Agneta if you are looking for a leadership development program where focus is on improving each individual's credibility as a leader and manager. Especially if the management team is recently put together. Agneta's positive attitude never makes the program feel heavy to carry out, on the contrary, I looked forward to every time when we should meet! The program was useful for my management team and all members have come much closer together, because we know more about each other - it's as simple as that! "

Sofie Åstedt Carlström,  HR Consultant, Folktandvården, Stockholm:

"In a very professional manner Agneta introduced our supervisors to the art of mentoring and coaching. She put together a well thought-out and varied program, and the employees have yearned for each new training session. Agneta is a charismatic and entertaining speaker who generously shares from her own experiences. She guided our supervisors skillfully through the program, and when it's time for another round, we will undoubtedly turn to Agneta again."

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